There's a lot I'm going to share...

But unfortunately, in order to maintain client confidentiality, I can't share complete samples of my work at Pega. I am working through redacting specific company information but it is taking some time.

Here's some of what I've accomplished at Pega so far:

  • Converted Pega's enterprise design system from Sketch to Figma, adapting new standards for atom / molecule / organism organization and pattern examples using Figma's toolset
  • Led design workshops for a major US bank and one of the most prolific retailers in the world
  • Crafted wire-frames, mock-ups and interactive prototypes for sales opportunities, influencing at least $50 million-dollar wins

Other Projects

Otis College of Art and Designux / ui design, front-end

Find Your 100ux / ui design, front-end

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