Otis turned 100 in 2018, and as part of the celebration, a website dedicated to art, design and creativity was made. The site was featured on LA List and LA Weekly, and the festival in November was attended by hundreds of art-lovers.


Before I got too involved with creating wireframes and art assets, I knew I had to do research into who would be using the site. How old were they? What did they want out of a site dedicated to creativity and living a creative life?

I created surveys to gather quantitative information from a large user pool. But data and short answers only provide a part of the story, so I also conducted half a dozen user interviews for qualitative information. Using screening questions, I was able to get close to our audience. In the end, the information set allowed me to create three unique user personas that guided our sitemap, wireframes, and website.

User Personas and Use Case Models (1)
User Personas and Use Case Models (9)
User Personas and Use Case Models


As part of any good process, we validated our layout/design ideas through sketches and medium fidelity wireframes before worrying about color, exact typefaces or visual style. Working alongside an external agency, I provided feedback and guidance on the layout and UX design for FindYour100.

One notable change from initial design was replacing the hamburger menu on desktop with a standard nav; I wanted to ensure our desktop users had a familiar, reliable design pattern that would lead to maximum engagement.

Find Your 100 - mockup view

Finished Designs & Website

For the visual design, I employed vibrant highlight colors against neutral grays to achieve an energetic, exciting look. The nature of creativity is one of constant discovery, and I hoped to instill that feeling in the users of FindYour100. To help the site feel more interactive, I used subtle loading animations and hover-states.

The site launched in late October 2018.

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Other Projects

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